On The Roof Or Off, Solar Panels Could Be A Great Option For Your Home

Have you been kicking around the idea of having solar panels installed on your home to help lower your electricity costs this year? Have you been putting off the project because you are concerned about adding those panels to the roof of your home? Although this is a great option a lot of times, there are other ways to have your solar panels installed without putting them on the roof – here, you'll find a few ideas that might help push you in the direction of moving forward with this investment.

Ground Installation                

If you have a large piece of land, it's possible that the solar panels can be installed on the ground – of course there will be posts to keep it off of the ground, but it will not be on your home or any other structure. Lots of homeowners that have hillsides that capture lots of sunlight have filled their hillsides with solar panels.

Gazebo or Porch Roof

Do you have a covered porch or gazebo – or maybe you're considering adding one? Well, that can work as a good base for the solar panels. Not only will the panels have a secure place to be mounted, but they'll also provide overhead cover.

Reconsider the Roof

If these two ideas aren't a good option for you, it's time to reconsider the roof of your home or garage. Why is it that you're reluctant to install on the roof? Is it because you worry that it'll damage the roofing materials? Do you worry that it'll make it harder to maintain? Are you concerned that it's too permanent of a change?

A lot of these concerns can be alleviated by contacting your local solar panel installation company. Not only will they explain how the entire system works to power your home, but they'll show you how the panels are installed. Then, your roofing will be inspected to ensure that it's capable of supporting the panels safely. If there are any roofing repairs needed, they'll recommend that they be completed before the panels are installed – this is to save you the cost and troubles of making repairs later. Any concerns that you have can be addressed so that you get a solid idea of what's about to happen if you move forward with the change.

This is a pretty big investment, but it is one that gives back for the rest of the time that you own that home. Talk with your local solar panel installation professional from a company like Sterling Mountain Solar LLC to learn more.