The Solar Power Company Guide To Installing A Reliable Grid-Tied System On Your Home

If you want to install a solar energy system on your home, you have a couple of choices. One of the options that you may want to consider is a grid-tied system. The advantage of these systems is they give you a reliable energy solution. With the help of a solar power company, they can also be affordable and help reduce your energy costs. The following solar power company guide for grid-tied systems will help you choose the best solutions for your home:

Evaluating the Power Needs of Your Home

You will need to start designing your solar energy system by evaluating the power needs for your home. The power company will look at various aspects of your current electrical installations and service. This will be used to determine the capacity that is needed to power your home with solar panels.

Getting the Financing to Pay for the System

You are also going to need financing for the installation of a new solar energy system. One of the benefits of using a solar power company is the different financing options that are available. One of the options to pay for the solar energy system is to sell the electricity. The first solution is to rent the space on your roof, and you get a regular discounted power bill. Another option is to finance the system and get a discount on the payments for the extra electricity your system produces.

Designing the Racks and Solar Panel Arrays

After the power needs of your home have been determined, you will be ready to begin planning the solar energy system design. This should begin by determining the type of racking the panels will have. The racks can be fixed, or they can be dual-axis racks that can be adjusted to maximize power production. In addition, you will want to choose the most efficient panels to install.

The Controllers of a Grid-Tied Energy System

Lastly, there are also the grid-tied controls that need to be installed. The solar power company will install a battery bank with special controls that have integrated switches. The switch will monitor the production of the system and sell power to the grid when the battery bank is full. It will also allow you to draw electricity from the grid if your system is not producing enough electricity for your home's needs.

If you want to get help with the installation of a grid-tied system for your home, contact a solar power company. They will help you with all the aspects of design, installation, and financing your solar energy system.