The Full-Service Solar Installation Options To Power Your Home Or Business

When you want to power your home or business with renewable energy, you will need to find a solar company. Today, there are full-service solutions that can work with you to design a system that is right for your energy needs. These systems may include energy storage and more. The following full-service solar installation options are solutions you may want to ask about for your home or business.

Solar System Designs

The design of the solar system you have installed should be the first thing that is done. Today, you have options for the type of system and panels that can be used. If you invest in a grid-tied system to sell energy, you may want to use more reliable high-performance solar panels. There are also options for energy storage that you may need to use when the panels are not producing electricity.

Energy Storage

There are many options for energy storage solutions that can be installed with panels. Even if your system is grid-tied, you may want to have an energy storage system installed. These are systems with battery banks and charge controllers that can provide power when solar panels are less productive. This ensures that your solar system is always providing power to your electrical systems. The system can still be grid-tied and sell excess energy to the grid when the batteries are fully charged.

Grid-Tied Meters

Another option to consider for full-service solar installations is a grid-tied meter. If you are going to be selling the electricity your panels produce, you will need to have grid-tied meters to monitor the electricity produced, used, and sold back to the grid. The grid-tied meters also have the added benefit of being able to monitor the performance of your solar system. This can tell you the returns you are getting from your investment and let you know when there are problems that require maintenance.

Maintenance Services

The maintenance of newly installed solar panels often gets overlooked. Therefore, you are going to want to ask your full-service solar installer about maintenance options. Many companies offer maintenance contracts that will take care of all the upkeep your panels need after the installation. This is common if part of your installation contract includes selling the energy your panels produce to cover the costs of the solar system.

The solar panel installation you have done for your home or business can do more than just provide power. Contact a full-service solar installation provider to design and install your energy systems.