3 Reasons To Pick Gas Water Heaters For Residential Use

Are you shopping for a new water heater? You should consider the merits of a gas water heater. This type of water heater ticks all considerations of cost-efficiency, energy efficiency, and convenient installation. Tankless gas water heaters have especially grown popular because of their aesthetic appeal compared to more voluminous units. What are the main advantages of gas water heaters over other heater types?

Compact Design

The higher recovery rate (cycles of heating water from cold to hot) of gas heaters allows a more compact tank installation than comparable heaters. It makes them ideal choices for replacement because there is no need to make more room. Tankless heaters are even better in space utility. Their popularity comes from their compact size. Some are the size of a shoebox and fit very well in smaller house designs.

The compactness also brings in advantages in ease of installation, which lowers installation costs. It can work with the gas connection you already have from the utility company. Otherwise, the gas tank is placed outside the house, and you can have a tank as reasonably large as you can afford without making changes to your house. 

It means you can replace your old water heater with a newer, more efficient unit at a comparably lower price. The compact design is also more visually appealing because you can hide the heater easily.

Better Energy Efficiency

Gas water heaters achieve a higher energy factor than other heaters. The energy factor calculates the energy used to heat 64 water gallons per day by a heating unit, regardless of the tank size.

Smaller gas heaters with modern insulation and tight sealing achieve impressive energy factor numbers. When combined with the affordability of natural gas, gas water heaters can significantly bring down your energy bills.

High Cost Efficiency

Gas water heaters are affordable to run compared to other types of heaters. First, natural gas is the most affordable energy source compared to oil fuel and electricity.

Second, gas water heaters have a high recovery rate compared to other systems. This translates to heating higher water volumes more quickly compared to other heating systems. Replacement gas water heaters offer efficiency. As such, you can install a smaller water tank and get the same volumes of heated water you would expect from bigger tanks in other heaters. A gas heater also has longer lifespans than other heater types, saving you money in replacement costs. 

Are you looking to replace your current water heater with a more efficient unit? Contact a gas water heater service for more information.