High Bay Vapor Tight LED Lighting: Does Your Warehouse Need It?

If you need plenty of lighting to cover the high ceilings in your warehouse, you may consider installing high bay lights in your building. But if your warehouse produces a lot of dust, steam, and other airborne particles, you may not think bay lighting is right for you. You can provide the lighting your warehouse needs with high bay vapor tight LED lighting. Learn more about high bay vapor tight LED lighting below. 

What's High Bay Vapor Tight LED Lighting?

High bay lighting is a popular and common choice of lighting for warehouses, factories, and other buildings with high ceilings. Not only can bay lighting brighten up large spaces, but it's also convenient and easily maintained. However, some warehouses produce large quantities of dust, humid air, and other airborne substances during the day that can damage the light fixtures. In this case, warehouse owners may benefit from installing high bay vapor tight LED lighting in their buildings. 

Vapor tight LED lighting, or light fixtures, come with features, including sealed enclosures, that protect them from steam, dust, and other contaminants. The enclosures prevent contaminants from settling on the surfaces of the bulbs and their components. However, you can easily remove the enclosures to change the bulbs when needed.

Bay high vapor tight LED lighting also works well in buildings with long ceilings. The fixtures' elongated housing allows you to cover large areas of space without compromising light. 

If high bay vapor tight LED lighting is something your warehouse can use, order and install your lighting today. 

How Do You Find Your Lighting?

You can find the high bay vapor tight light fixtures you need by contacting a supplier online. A supplier will need to know several important things before they can offer you the right fixtures, including the size of your warehouse and the number of ceilings you need to cover. The information helps you and a supplier choose the correct wattages for your warehouse.

A supplier may also want to know if you prefer to install dimmers on your fixtures. LED lighting uses special dimming switches to control their brightness. You can't use your building's regular wall switches to control LED bay lights. If you choose to use dimmers for your lights, a supplier may install them for you, or you can hire an electrician to do the job for you. 

Learn more about LED high bay lights by contacting a supplier for more information today.